Navigating Family Change

Parenting is one of life’s most challenging experiences. Families navigating change and wanting to continue the best possible relationships can greatly benefit from specialized separation and parenting support services. Although separation is difficult, children can cope with transitions if parents practice good parenting and minimize ongoing parental conflict. Specialized separation and divorce services offer constructive guidance and advice to help parents maintain positive, harmonious, and stable home environments for their family. Stephanie’s approach is child-focused and helps caregivers make decisions that are in the best interest of their children. Services can begin before or after separation, as well as after agreements have been reached to help plan and foster respectful co-parenting relationships.


Specialized services for families experiencing change include:

  • Parent Coaching (pre and post separation)
  • Child Consulting (hearing the voice of the child for input, awareness, parenting related decision making)
  • Develop Parenting Plans
  • Parent Education (exploring skills and strategies, managing behaviours such as aggression, ADHD, ODD)
  • Talking to family members about difficult topics (medical/health diagnosis, loss, family transitions)
  • Managing self-care as a parent
  • Introducing New Partners