Reaching Resolution Therapy

Supporting children, adolescents, and families through life’s challenges.

How We Help

Our Services

Stephanie’s practice offers a variety of therapeutic services to support children, adolescents and families through life’s experiences. Through counselling, services for separating families and collaborative practice, Stephanie helps clients navigate change and challenges that affect their daily lives.

Child, Adolescent & Family Therapy

Through a non-judgemental, empathetic, and respectful approach, Stephanie helps individuals and families manage difficulties and build the strength to move forward.

Family Separation & Divorce Services

Specialized separation and divorce services offer constructive guidance and advice to help parents maintain positive, harmonious, and stable home environments for their family.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is an out-of-court, team-based dispute resolution process involving trained family lawyers, a neutral family professional and/or financial professional.

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Stavro-Pearce

Stephanie Stavro-Pearce is a Clinical Social Worker committed to collaboratively working with individuals to understand their specific needs and help them through difficulties. Learn more about Stephanie here.